Top 10 Tips To Avoid Bad Breath…

Tips to Stop Bad Breath

If you don’t know you got bad breath others certainly will! Most people are not even aware that they have bad breath and it’s often a very difficult and uncomfortable topic to bring up with the person in question. It causes embarrassment and often teasing behind the offenders back and even worse they can be left out of social interactions due to it.

Its caused by bacteria situated on the tongue which in time turns into an unpleasant smell hence the breath being far from pleasant. It’s most common in the morning and for most of the population just a matter of brushing your tongue.

1. Below are the top 10 offenders for bad breath, so basically avoid otherwise people will avoid you!

2. Tobacco – This dries the mouth, limiting the effects of saliva and resulting in bad breath.

3. Poor Oral Hygiene – Decaying food in the oral cavity promotes bacterial growth and the resultant bad smell.

4. Medical Conditions – Bronchitis, kidney and liver problems, diabetes, pneumonia and chronic sinus infections can all increase the chance of bad breath.

5. Morning Breath – Due to a reduction in the flow of saliva while you sleep, bacteria is allowed to grow more freely than during waking hours.

6. Dieting – When fat is being burned by the body it produces unpleasant smelling chemicals called ketones.

7. Periodontal Disease – This condition comes about in the first place from excessive bacteria in the mouth and at this stage huge levels of bacteria are stored beneath highly inflamed gums.

8. Certain Foods – I am sure we don’t have to tell you what foods can stop others from wanting to kiss you but for those in doubt, crisps, garlic, onions.

9. Dehydration and Hunger – Back to the dry mouth issue, when your dehydrated you produce less saliva while chewing on food increases saliva flow washing away bacteria.

10.Dry Mouth – Breathing through your mouth and not your nose or medical conditions such as salivary gland problems.

Improperly Fitted Prosthetic Teeth – Crowns, veneers, bridges etc if not fitted well can be a breeding ground for bacteria causing far more serious issues than bad breath however this is also a side effect.

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