Are You Kissable?

A survey conducted both sides of The Atlantic by The New York Times looked at factors that made the opposite sex appealing to kiss. Forget the pretty face, or lovely lips, over half of the men surveyed stressed that white teeth are a deciding factor for a second date. The survey goes further as one in five (20%) of men interviewed stated they absolutely couldn’t kiss a woman with yellow teeth.

So have you ever been put off from kissing someone you really like through yellow or stained teeth? If so perhaps you should consider teeth whitening! No longer is this a prerogative of celebrities or a complicated, lengthy process.LED (laser teeth whitening) is a safe, reliable and affordable option which simply consists of solution being applied to your teeth by a trained professional and exposure to a blue light (laser teeth whitening) for up to an hour.

Whatever your age or preference, if you want gleaming Cheryl Cole style teeth or a natural, subtle look (regardless if you have a crown or bridge) Smilelikethestars can help you! Almost half of our customers are now over 50. So whether you are single, married or divorced….make yourself feel better, younger and kissable and get that DREAM DATE!

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