Are You Suitable To Have Your Teeth Whitened…

Have you ever booked a teeth whitening treatment and the company or dentist not performed an assessment of suitability prior to confirming your treatment?

We have whitened thousands of people’s teeth where they’ve been referred from friends only to say, well where I had them done before, they didn’t ask me this so why are you!?

Even though teeth whitening is a cosmetic and not a dental or surgical procedure, safe guards still need to be taken to ensure that all patients don’t just receive a good level of service but a safe level of service.

Below is what we recommend needs to be established before you can feel confident in having your teeth whitened safely:

1. Are you pregnant (obviously females only!)
2. Do you suffer from swollen gums and/or do they bleed regularly?
3. Do you have any open cavities?
4. Do you have any prosthetic teeth? If so how old are they?
5. Do you have any fillings on the surface of the teeth and if so how old are they?

Next you need to consider your general health and again establish if any of these are relevant:

1. Do you suffer from any heart conditions?
2. Do you suffer from severe asthma?
3. Do you suffer from any other breathing difficulties?
4. Do you suffer from seizures?
5. Have you ever had skin cancer on the face or neck?

If they haven’t asked you all or a few of these, they have no care for your safety just your money!

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