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Teeth Whitening Tips from Experts in Bristol, Cardiff & Beyond

Teeth whitening is not something you have done once and forget about. Just like a beautifully styled haircut, a pearly white smile requires regular maintenance to stay beautiful. Our top teeth whitening tips can help you keep the Smile Like The Stars teeth whitening service you’ve received looking utterly dazzling!

All of our Smile Like the Stars experts across the UK in Cardiff, Bristol & beyond, all want your teeth to look as wonderful as they can for as long as possible. That’s why our teeth whitening experts from around the country have compiled their best teeth whitening tips to keep your teeth looking whiter for longer. All it takes is just a few small changes to your lifestyle. Here are our best teeth whitening tips:

Drink Less Coffee

Eliminate or reduce the amount of black tea and strong coffee you have. One of our greatest teeth whitening tips is: More milk means less staining.

No Smoking

Aside from the negative health impacts, smoking has two effects on your teeth. Not only does it cause your teeth to acquire a yellow tone and eventually turn brown, but it also creates terrible brown staining in between your teeth. Wouldn’t you rather have a beautiful, kissable mouth? Go smoke free!

Avoid Red Wine & Port

Red wine, if drunk regularly, causes a lot of discolouring. Next time you’re dining out and can’t decide between a crisp white Chablis or deep Claret, remember our teeth whitening tips and go for the former!

Throw Away Your Whitening Toothpaste

The last of our teeth whitening tips might surprise you: Stop using whitening tooth paste! It includes small particles which have an abrasive effect on the enamel which has a short-term whitening effect. However this is actually harmful to the enamel, gradually eroding it.

Make Sure You Remember our Teeth Whitening Tips!

We don’t like to nag, but we do want to keep your teeth as white as possible for as long as possible! Follow our teeth whitening tips and ensure you maintain good oral hygiene! This is very important as an unhealthy tooth can’t be a clean white tooth! Good oral hygiene removes dental plaque and tartar from your teeth. This prevents cavities, gingivitis and gum disease which can all add to tooth discolouration.


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