Presidential Candidates’ Teeth Predict Winner

Findings in a recent study, point to presidential candidates’ teeth whiteness as a leading indicator of election success.
Analysis of photos taken of presidential candidates during campaign trail showed a direct correlation between how white their teeth were and electability. By adjusting the photos to take age, ambient light and environmental factors into consideration, the study was able to compare the relative whiteness of each candidate’s teeth.

Photo evidence going back to 1992 shows the candidate with the whiter teeth winning the election. When Bill Clinton won against incumbent President George H.W. Bush he had a considerably whiter smile than him. Clinton won the election, a feat he later repeated in 1996 against the dimmer smile bearing Bob Dole.
In 2000, George W. Bush had only marginally whiter teeth than Vice President Al Gore, a portent of the narrow election win. But, just four years later his teeth outshone those of Senator John Kerry, and Bush once again one the election.
And the recent win of Barrack, shows the President’s teeth were just outshining Mitt Romney’s. And look what happened there! With teeth whiteness being a historic indicator of election wins, it may be time for candidates to stop spending millions on TV ads and get themselves along to Smile Like The Stars.

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