Have your Teeth Whitened by Experts in Bristol, Cardiff & Beyond

If you’re considering getting your teeth whitened, there are two areas in which Smile Like The Stars differ from the competition. First, when you have your teeth whitened with us, you get them magnificently white with minimal sensitivity (well no-one yet has ever had any sensitivity) – it’s quite simply over and above what others are able to do for you! Second, the service we offer you is truly exceptional. From initial inquiry to expert aftercare, when you get your teeth whitened by Smile Like The Stars, you will be personally and perfectly cared for benefiting from almost a decade of experience, having performed thousands of treatments in that time.

Our Top Aftercare Service

When you have your teeth whitened with Smile Like The Stars, you’ll get a helpful call the day before your treatment to let you know exactly what you can and can’t do before and after your treatment. We’ve found that customers who have their teeth whitened with us really appreciate this as it puts their mind at ease.

We then also call you 24 hours after you’ve had your teeth whitened. Just to make sure everything went perfectly. Once you’ve had your teeth whitened you might have a few extra questions you forgot to ask, we’ll happily clear up any issues and queries during this call, so just ask!

Aftercare: Learn How to Care For your Smile After Having your Teeth Whitened

When you get your teeth whitened by our expert process you’ll be given lots of information to take home, including:

  • A fact sheet of ten foods that are good for your newly whitened teeth
  • A guide to maintaining excellent oral hygiene once you’ve had your teeth whitened
  • Information about what to eat for the 48 hours after you’ve had your teeth whitened

In addition to this, once you’ve had your teeth whitened, we can also provide you with our advanced Smile Like The Stars tooth brush that’s gentle on both the gums and enamel to keep your mouth healthy, plus the opportunity to have your teeth whitened for free next time!

Read Testimonials from Clients Who have had their Teeth Whitened with Us

Read our teeth whitening customer reviews to find out what our customers really have to say about the service you will receive. Clients have said that we provide them with the best levels of customer satisfaction in the industry. How we do this is simple: we take our time with you. Rather rush you into an hour slot, we take at least an 1 hour and half and often 2 hours. Others in the industry think we’re mad for doing this!

Teeth Whitening Package

Get Your Teeth Whitened By Our Experienced Team

If you’re looking to have your teeth whitened and would like to take full advantage of our sparkling customer service and aftercare, then please just call either Alexandra or Martyn today on 01172 541 541 or 02921 96 11 96 or email for any further information.

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