Teeth Whitening Company Versus Your Dentist For Teeth Whitening

Who gets the whitest Teeth?
As both a dentist and Teeth Whitening Companies are limited to Hydrogen Peroxide of 6% and 0.1% respectively the best results at this strength come from Sodium Bicarbonate which both a dentist and a Teeth Whitening Company can use.

Who’s the most expensive?
This one’s obvious, you are paying for extra time spent at university (however staff at Smile Like The Stars have MSc’s and BSc’s) but ultimately the huge overheads a dental practice has eg the huge building, the large number of staff and then finally the Dentists top of the range S class Mercedes Benz and they don’t come cheap!

Which is The Safest?
Obviously a dentist has undergone a lot more training in fact 6 years of dental training however is this extra knowledge really required. Teeth whitening is a very safe procedure as long as the pre-treatment checks are carried out correctly which just need the good training that a Dental Bleaching Technician would receive, if they’ve gone to a reputable training school.

Which is The Most Convenient?
Depends if you’re out and about anyway when going to your dentist for the treatment which let’s face it is no extra effort and they usually have ample car parking or if you’d rather the option of having your teeth whitening treatment conducted in the comfort of your own home then the Teeth Whitening Company would be more convenient if it offers a mobile service.

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