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For more information on teeth whitening, fill your details in the “Enquiry Box” on the right of the page to get “The Consumer Guide To Teeth Whitening”. Whether you’re interested in tooth whitening in Cardiff, Bristol, Gloucester or Swansea, our tooth whitening experts encounter the same questions! So we’ve compiled a brief list of answers (for the complete list of answers download our “The Consumer Guide To Teeth Whitening” using the contact form on the right) to all of your most common tooth whitening questions. If you can’t find the answer to your tooth whitening question here, then please just get in touch on either 01172 541 541 or 02921 96 11 96 OR get in touch with us using the Contact Form on your right!

How White Will My Teeth Go?

This depends on a few factors both from the individual and the practioner. From an individual perspective, factors include how DISCOLOURED the teeth are to begin with, the type of STAINING and GENETIC factors. Practioner controlled aspects include QUALITY and QUANTITY of solutions used, DURATION of treatment and TEMPERATURE of the teeth whitening lamp. That being said, We can ASSURE YOU that tooth whitening is an extremely SUCCESSFUL process, just view our Customer Reviews to see for yourself!

Does Tooth Whitening Hurt?

NO. When HIGH QUALITY solutions providing a pH of 5.5 and above ie NOT acidic are used along with the correct CHECKS prior to a treatment being performed, you are then able to get the best of both world’s GREAT RESULTS and NO SENSITIVITY.

YES. If high concentrations of ILLEGAL solutions are used and NOT all checks are carried out prior to teeth whitening.

Is Tooth Whitening Safe?

YES. Practioners should perform no more than a MAXIMUM of 5 treatments a day, this ensures standards are kept and your treatment is not rushed ie important aspects overlooked. Teeth whitening is a very safe procedure when performed with those of extensive experience and high quality training (we train the trainers!).

NO. When done by badly trained/inexperienced practioners without extensive knowledge who are churning out treatments on mass. We have even heard stories of practioners performing OVER 10 treatments a day! This is not safe and standards will slip, putting you at RISK.

Will LED Tooth Whitening Damage my Tooth Enamel?

NO. Research conducted by American scientists shows there is no risk whatsoever to the enamel of the teeth after having a LED teeth whitening treatment with the “correct” solutions. However, we don’t recommend you having your teeth done too often, annually is adequate.

YES if done by an incompetent individual and using dangerous solutions. So this is where you need to research your teeth whitening clinic before going ahead with any treatment as if they use cheap solutions with a low pH level ie acidic, you will suffer acid erosion and loss of the enamel. But its quite simple, just ask your teeth whitening clinic whats the pH balance of the solution they use and if they don’t know, there is your answer, stay well away, you have been warned!

How Long Do the Results of Tooth Whitening Last?

Your teeth should stay noticeably whiter for 18-24 months and in some case upto 5 years after having LED teeth whitening treatment; however to keep your teeth looking their best a treatment every 12 months would be more than sufficient.

Also with age your teeth discolour, so not only are you fighting a battle against what you eat and drink, you’re also fighting the ageing of your dentin (the middle part of the teeth).

How Long Does Tooth Whitening Take?

The treatment when performed correctly will take between 1.5 and 2 hours depending on which treatment option you choose from our Standard, Premium and Ultimate Teeth Whitening Packages.

Does LED Tooth Whitening Work on Veneers, Crowns, Bridges and Fillings

This is our specialty!This is an important consideration as a lot of people have some form of prosthetic tooth. The prosthetic tooth can be taken back to its original colour when fitted. So as long as the prosthetic tooth is over 12 months old, the results from a treatment will be satisfactory without looking at odds with your existing teeth.

The blending of existing teeth with new prosthetic teeth is an important consideration and only experienced practioners are able to do this with a high level of skill.

We have numerous customers aged over 50 who had a few crowns or bridges and wanted a real positive boost to their smile to make them look younger. You are able to blend your old prosthetic teeth into your real teeth to provide a natural smile. One wife when seeing her husband’s results commented “It’s been a long time since I wanted to kiss him until today!”

Why Have LED Tooth Whitening Instead of Using a Home Kit?

Boredom is the main factor here! Very few people actually complete the course. They need to be used for at least a few hours but realistically overnight every day for at least of 2 weeks in order to start seeing a change to the colour of your teeth. No wonder that 50% of users never complete their course which is why we stopped supplying them back in 2011.

So therefore they’re a waste of money. However the results can be good with the right home whitening kit and like most things in life, the wrong kit can be a waste of both your money and your time especially when they’re uncomfortable.

Also stay well away from any cheap kits such as those found on e-bay, these have safety concerns! Some will contain mild acids and others are abrasive which can cause ulcers and damage to the gums if the product is not used correctly.

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