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Customer Reviews – You To, Can Achieve These Results!

“Had mine done at the same time with my sister as a present for a recent promotion to myself. A few people in work have had them done by Smile Like The Stars and were really pleased with the results hence why I chose them and must say they look great!”
Ceri Bowden, Newport

“They look very white and this is a recent picture of me on a night out that I sent them to show how pleased I was with my new smile!”
Leila Biggs, S Wales

“I was entering a local beauty pageant so obviously wanted to look my best, however I had completely forgot about getting my teeth done and called Smile Like The Stars on the Friday for a booking Saturday afternoon for the show that night, they were very accommodating and squeezed me in last minute so not only did I get a lovely white smile but also very good service of which I’m very grateful for”
Tara Hammer, Caerphilly

“I wanted my teeth whitened for a body building show I was entering and a few of the boys at the gym had had their teeth whitened with Smile Like The Stars and they looked really white so no brainer really and as you can see they look really nice now”
Paul Gane, Cardiff

“I had been using the trays and bleaching solution for sometime with limited results and what did whiten gave a very uneven effect on my teeth plus I had to leave the trays in overnight for days upon a time which was beginning to get on my nerves. I had a thorough fact find with the consultant who ran through all my options as I also had a cap on one of my front teeth and was worried this might not whiten but as you can see from the photo my teeth look amazing and white”
Steve Cox, Bristol

“My sister in law and I decided to have a pampering day along with a range of treatments, naturally teeth whitening was one such cosmetic procedure we both wanted and having spoken with a few companiess, Smile Like The Stars installed alot of confidence in us from both they’re knowledge and professionalism and to cap it all off we were both very very pleased with the results”
Vikki Behan, Somerset

“Absolutely delighted, my teeth were white to begin with so didnt expect this much of an improvement! Also I had a cap on the bottom of my front top tooth due to chipping my tooth a few years back and Smile Like The Stars were able to blend this cap with my new white teeth so this wasnt a straight forward procedure”
Laura Leavesley, Swansea

“I’m a heavy smoker and over the last few years I have noticed alot of unsighlty brown stains appear on the front of my top and bottom teeth along with a general dulling of the teeth, I had an important conference coming up where I wanted to look my best so I decided to research teeth whitening and found Smile Like The Stars website very helpful and eventually gave them a call to book myself a treatment. All the stains have now gone and they’re looking alot whiter so am rather pleased”
Richard Evans, Aberystwyth

“I had originally booked to have my teeth whitened with a national chain however after the second time of them cancelling via text message with less than 24 hours to go, enough was enough. I enquired with a friend who suggested Smile Like The Stars, so after a few phone calls to enquire more about the process and results I would expect I booked an appointment in their central Cardiff clinic. My teeth were already alot lighter than average (according to the shade guide they used to asses my starting point) yet they were still able to get my teeth significantly whiter, which I was absolutely delighted with”
Aimee Bateman, Barry

“My local dentist couldnt fit me in for my treatment in time for a modelling shoot, I looked around for an alternative and was very impressed with the information on the Smile Like The Stars website. I gave them a call and they seemed to know what they were doing so I booked with them and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Great results as you can see, I will definitely be going back in 6 months when I have them done again.”
Daniel Edwards, Gloucester

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