Top 5 Reasons People Get Their Teeth Whitened

In 2011 we asked at random 100 of our customers the reason why they decided to get their teeth whitened, and here are the results:

  1. Wanted to Look Younger.
  2. The side effects of Smoking.
  3. Conscious of their smile.
  4. To look good as just come out of a long term relationship.
  5. Getting married.

We are finding more and more over 50s are coming to us as they’ve realised after years of tea and/or coffee drinking along with eating well it’s caused their teeth to become dull looking and rather discoloured. It’s almost as if all of a sudden they’ve become aware it ages them and unlike during their parents’ generation they want to do something about it and have white teeth. It’s a great way of taking 10 years off the look of someone.

Smoking really is the worst thing not just for the colour of your teeth but the health of your gums, the swelling caused, the loss of gum and the combination of dark yellow teeth interspersed with dark brown stains. It creates the illusion of a dark outline around the teeth due to the heavy staining collected mainly between teeth. Until recently such stains were hard to remove due to their position on the tooth until a revolutionary new technique invented by Smile Like The Stars to rid teeth of dark brown stains.

You’d also be surprised the number of people who due to the colour of their teeth hate smiling and will cover their mouth with their hand or just not smile, now we we’ve said in the past smiling actually makes you feel a lot happier, so any excuse to smile more such as nice white teeth needs to be encouraged. This self-consciousness also applies to people who want to start dating again after a long term relationship break down yet they lack confidence and doubt their attractiveness to the opposite sex. White teeth really do make you look and feel more attractive. Click here to our link on are you kissable.

And of course everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day, even the men (in fact we know of some grooms who pestered their wives to get their teeth whitened)! Teeth whitening is now on almost every bride and grooms list of “must haves” just like the wedding cake and the need for a photographer.

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