Want To Look Younger?

Worried Your Beginning To Look Old?
Well We Can Help You Look Younger, For Longer…

With each year passing, unfortunately we look older! We cant stop it but we certainly can slow it down! Survey after survey have continually proven that having a Beautiful White Smile makes YOU look “younger”.

For most of us, we start to notice the aging process from around 30 onwards, new wrinkles, less volume in the face, your first grey hair, discoloured teeth. Teeth Whitening is a simple and effective treatment that can literally knock 10 years off how you look in under 2 hours!

Most people think of teeth whitening as something for people in their twenties, well half of our customers are actually between 40 and 70! With the oldest person being 76… People in in their 50’s and 60’s when they call us asking if they’re suitable are always surprised when we inform them the process is very popular amonst their age group.

The enamel does thin with age and especially after 50 however with a detailed prior fact find and the years of experience built up we are able to get excellent pain free results that can knock years off an individual. A comment we’ve had numerous times typically from a patient’s wife is “oh I can now kiss you again!”

We are also conscious of the fact that even though you want your teeth a lot whiter you’re not necessarily striving for the super bright white look of the Simon Cowell variety, we can assure you, that you wont be looking like that! We have a range of solutions which tailor the type of look you’re hoping to achieve.

Yes, But I Have Lots of Crowns & Restoration Work!

Not a problem, in fact if your over 50 and you HAVEN’T got crown’s, bridge’s or any other type of dental restoration work you are in the minority!

Having whitened thousands of people in their 50’s and 60’s we’ve become experts at blending the natural teeth to any corrective dental work to create a brighter natural looking smile. The effects on how much more people smile is tremendous and the more your smiling and laughing the happier you are! Aside from the fact it can easily knock 10 years of how old you look even more of a reason to smile and feel good about yourself…

We also find a lot of men are reluctant to visit a clinic, which is where we excel as we can come to you in the privacy of your own home and we don’t have our name and what we do branded all over the vehicle so your discretion is assured.

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We have put together an excellent FREE Teeth Whitening Guide that answers all your questions and tell you the important questions you need to ask yourself before deciding if Teeth Whitening is right for you, then questions you need to be asking your practioner! Simply complete the form below and we’ll send out your guide within the next 24 hours, its that simple, what you waiting for…

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